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2016 First Quarter in Review: An Inventory Driven Market!

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The Same Old Tune Even as the birds of springtime sing their new songs of the season, we must hit repeat as we report – once again –on our local market’s low inventory. A lack of available homes continues to dictate what’s happening in Bainbridge Island real estate. On April 1st, there were only 47

Falling Leaves Rising Market

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The Heart of the Issue Writing about the last quarter, and indeed the year to date, presents an interesting conundrum. So far, 2013 has been a strong year. The third quarter was great, outperforming expectations. But even before our illustrious government began its farcical play, there were concerning elements that cast clouds on our sunny

Island Inventory LOW!

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Here's my cliff notes version of what's going down with Bainbridge Island real estate: We are seeing a remarkably low inventory, currently we have 165 residential listings.  To put that into perspective for you, this time last year we had 100 more listings than we do today!  School is back in session, which gave us

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