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2017- 3rd Quarter in Review

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Fall on Bainbridge Leaves Fall...Market's Rise The Big Picture In order to paint an accurate portrait of the Bainbridge Island real estate market during this autumn season, it’s important to put it in the context of the broader regional economy. Through that lens, things are looking very good. Estimates for September 2016

2016 Year in Review: A Promising Start to the New Year!

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Bainbridge Island is just a ferry ride away! Familiar Themes With regard to the Bainbridge Island real estate market and its year-end numbers, the similarities between 2016 and 2015 are striking. In both years, the market struggled with a lack of inventory and strong demand, while the market trends (that actually began in

2016 First Quarter in Review: An Inventory Driven Market!

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The Same Old Tune Even as the birds of springtime sing their new songs of the season, we must hit repeat as we report – once again –on our local market’s low inventory. A lack of available homes continues to dictate what’s happening in Bainbridge Island real estate. On April 1st, there were only 47

Good Vibes on the South End!

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Life on the south end of Bainbridge Island has gotten a whole lot cooler! Thanks to Joe at Island Cool every Tuesday evening Tracie Marsh will be playing through the summer!  Bring the kids and treat em to frozen yogurt – there’s no cover and all ages are welcome!  Playing from 6:30-8:30pm; they'll  be playing

Bainbridge Farmers Market

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Had such a lovely day at our local Farmers Market  Saturday! Maybe it was the temperature, the sunny day, the vibrant colors, the community spirit or all of it combined, but it was FANTASTIC! We purchased fresh green kale, sweet carrots and vibrant yellow cauliflower from Farmhouse Organics. Sauntered over to Gloh and had Hilary

2012 Year in Review

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Storming Back With the arrival of the new year, we also welcome a fresh new start to our local real estate market. As we tally the 2012 year-end statistics, we have reason to think that 2013 might look a bit brighter than its predecessor.   Putting Things in Historical Context The number of Bainbridge Island’s

Good News on Short Sales

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The fiscal cliff package that was approved this week includes a provision that will help maintain a viable short sale market in the year 2013.   The Mortgage Forgiveness  Debt Relief Act was set to expire on December 31, 2012. This act provided an exemption to the normal rule that forgiven debt is taxable income.

Low Inventory for the Holidays

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At the present time we have only 112 active residential listings on our market.  Usually at this time of year we are closer to 200 active listings.  However, buyers are out there and they are taking advantage of the low inventory, great prices and even better rates.  Quite a few cash buyers have even come

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