Seller’s Market is Here to Stay…says Windermere’s Chief Economist!

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 11:20 pm
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Good Vibes on the South End!

Life on the south end of Bainbridge Island has gotten a whole lot cooler! Thanks to Joe at Island Cool every Tuesday evening Tracie Marsh will be playing through the summer!  Bring the kids and treat em to frozen yogurt – there’s no cover and all ages are welcome!  Playing from 6:30-8:30pm; they'll  be playing a mix of jazz pop and soul.

Enjoy watching the little ones play in the famous mouse fountain, visit with neighbors, grab a glass of wine at Suzanne Maurice Wine Bar, wander through the Marketplace, grab a slice at The Treehouse, a buttery coissant at Pane d'Amore, a juicy burger at Hammy's Burgers, join friends for dinner at the Beach House, whatever you choose to do, and there's A LOT to choose from, a great time will be had for sure!  Sit back and enjoy the vibe at Pleasant Beach Village!


South end living at it's best!

Posted on July 19, 2014 at 8:51 pm
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Bainbridge Farmers Market

Had such a lovely day at our local Farmers Market  Saturday! Maybe it was the temperature, the sunny day, the vibrant colors, the community spirit or all of it combined, but it was FANTASTIC! We purchased fresh green kale, sweet carrots and vibrant yellow cauliflower from Farmhouse Organics. Sauntered over to Gloh and had Hilary whip us up the most incredible smoothie of superfoods, coconut water, fresh raspberries and dates!

But wait, there was more! We had to taste the wonderful Botanical Kombucha from iggy's as well as their famous Raw-Fermented Kraut's…simply delicious and they are bar none the nicest, most hospitable bunch of young adults! Then it was off to nibble on the best goat cheese I've ever tasted in my life from Mystery Bay Farm.  I had to buy the honey flavored and the thyme and white pepper! Simply delicious!  We sat in the warmth of the sun listening to Ranger and the Re-arrangers playing wonderful music and just taking it all in.

We ran into friends and neighbors, watched dogs play, watched people play for that matter and simply enjoyed a perfect day! We left feeling truly blessed that we have such a vibrant, successful, farmers market right here on our beautiful island!

There's still plenty of time to go and with this great weather…what are you waiting for!

Bainbridge Island Farmers Market

2014 Summer Market
April 12 through November 15
Hours:  9am – 1pm
Town Square / City Hall

Posted on July 13, 2014 at 11:58 pm
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Things are Getting Warmer!

Listing/Pendings are staying as strong today as they have the last couple of years and even a little better.  Currently, on the Island we have 224 residential listings of which 40 are under contract, or 18%.  In 2010 there were 252/45 at 18%; 2009 there was 252/33 at 13%.  So even though inventory is very low, homes are selling!

The hot market seems to be in the $400,000-550,000 range.  Multiple offers have been reported in this price range!  In the $600,000-800,000 range there are 41 listings and 8 are under contract, representing 20%.  The good news is that we are seeing the higher end range picking up as well.  In the $800,000-$1,000,000 there are 25 listings and 6 are under contract, representing 24%. Over $1,000,000 there are 47 listings and 4 are under contract.  Pretty good, considering that not one home over a million dollars sold in our first quarter of the year.  This shows that the market is picking up!

Personally, I’ve never seen so many cash buyers out there!  Many buyers are just circling just waiting for their perfect home to come on the market so they can swoop in and buy it.

Rates are still holding nicely as well:

Conforming (loan amounts up to $417,000)
30-year fixed = 4.875%
15-year fixed = 4.125%
5/1 ARM = 3.375%

Agency High Balance (loans up to $475,000 in Kitsap Co.)
30-year fixed = 4.95%
15-year fixed = 4.25%

30-year fixed = 4.75%

Jumbo (loans over $475k up to $1 million)
30-year fixed = 5.375%
5/1 ARM = 4. 5% (0 points)
7/1 ARM = 4.875% (0 points)

Posted on April 25, 2011 at 5:28 pm
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Hitchcock…Thumbs way up!!

I had the pleasure of dining at Hitchcock in Winslow the other night for my birthday.  This is a newer restaurant in our town that is “Farm to Table”.  Meaning, they use all local veggies, seafood and meat and try to use as much of the product as they can, not just parts. I found the atmosphere to be very much like a higher end restaurant in NY or California.  Warm and intimate with candlelit tables made it very comfortable and enjoyable, even romantic.  Because I am not a meat eater, but do like seafood, I chose to ask the chef, Brenden McGill, to whip me up something special.  By the way, this is an option on the menu and you get to name your price.  Boy did he deliver!


Chef Brendan McGill at work!


First course looked and tasted amazing!   Almost too pretty to eat, all local.  Very enticing presentation of chanterelle mushrooms, pickled squash and woodsy pumpkin seeds. A wonderful cacophony of fall in a bite! Loved it!!


Chanterelle Mushrooms and Pickled Squash


2nd course: Wild smoked steel head w/ purple potato salad and Hitchcock special sauce of creme fresh, capers and ?…Delicious!


Smoked Coho with purple potato salad!


Next up, Sable fish (black cod).  Like butta in your mouth with a bit of ginger to cleanse your pallet.  Dean had braised beef short ribs…cooked to perfection balanced with phenomenal Au Gratin Potatoes and drizzled with special Hitchcock sauce. Wow! Almost speechless…but wait there was more!

Ahhh dessert!  Always a sucker for chocolate I chose the chocolate mousse.  Dean opted for apple crisp. I’m a bit of a chocolate connoisseur and wished  I got Dean’s apple crisp. The mousse was a little chalky for my pallet. Rats!


Sablefish (Black Cod)



Chocolate Mousse and Apple Crisp


All in all my experience at Hitchcock’s gets a big thumbs way up! A must on my list! Happy Birthday to me and I did it LOCAL!!!  The best news is that I spoke to the chef during our meal and it looks like he’s interested in adding to my “ShanPak” marketing campaign coming out in November.  So look for his coupon and treat yourself to a night out, LOCAL style!

If you’re not on my mailing list and would like to be, simply email me at and I’ll add you to my database.

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My Favorite Time of Year…

Oh, I love the Fall!  In fact, I love everything about this season. The colors, the crispness in the air, walks in crunchy leaves and of course, the imagination and excitement of Halloween!  There is no better place to be than Bainbridge Island this season.

To me, October is the kick off to the holidays. I like to decorate my house on October 1st.  It just puts me in a great holiday mood!  My family knows that I love this time of year.  They know that it’s time for spooky movies, costumes, butternut squash soup, candy corn and a great glass of red wine.  There is so much excitement and so much to do on the Island this time of year.

Just take a drive and look at the trees changing color.  I especially enjoy driving past the sunflower field on Weaver Road, or along Madison to see the maples ablaze in red.  Of course there’s always the annual “Pumpkin Walk”, which is a must see (October 16,17).  It’s also a great place to catch up with a neighbor you haven’t seen in a while over a hot cup of cocoa or cider.  Don’t miss Bloedel Reserve, which is just about to burst with brilliant gold, orange and red colors.  Lastly, we like to get our annual pumpkins at Suyematsu Farms on Day Road.

The pumpkins are a plenty with all shapes and sizes with great photo opportunities around every corner.  Even though my kids are getting older, they still enjoy this annual tradition.  Come October 31st you’ll be able to watch all sorts of ghosts, goblins, princesses, and pirates roaming the streets of Winslow as the whole town greets “Trick or Treaters” with candy a plenty.  Later, you can find the older “Trick or Treaters” flooding the neighborhoods filling their bags to the brim!  Great ones to hit are Northtown Woods, Hillandale, Wing Point, Stetson Ridge and of course Commodore Lane.  Even if you feel you are too old to join this tradition, never fear; the people watching is just as entertaining!

It’s also time to start buying locally…holidays are just around the corner.  Get a head start and walk through Winslow with a latte in hand from one of our many fine coffee/bakery establishments.  Even window-shopping is more fun this month, as many of our merchants decorate wonderfully in celebration of Autumn and Halloween.   Put a scarf on and get out there, you’ll be glad you did!

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